Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas a la Betsy

Maddie and I spent a great day at Betsy's - exchanging gifts, having dinner and laughing until we had tears rolling down our cheeks. The best of friends make you laugh like that and Betsy never disappoints. She had decorated in her usual classy style. I took some photos - notice that I'm having an effect on her: a few touches straight from My Beach House.

The Day After Christmas

Holy ball dropping! How is it that I haven't written a post since September? There's no good excuse for this. Many things have happened at the Beach House since then and I'll try to catch you up when I have a bit of time. We had a very quiet Christmas with minimal decoration and fanfare. We spent yesterday at home and had our small family breakfast over in the morning for the sausage-egg casserole. After a nap, Maddie wanted to go out, so we took a drive around our county with her at the wheel. She has her driving exam in late January so we must practice. We saw some lovely lights and enjoyed dissecting crappy Christmas songs as they played on the radio.

Today we take a ride up to Aunt Betsy's for our annual hang-out, after-Christmas dinner. I'll have to take some pictures of her decorations because they are always just perfect with white lights and old fashioned Victorian ornaments and pastel bulbs. This year we decided not to exchange gifts. We have been best friends for 35 years - that's priceless gift enough.

I promise to catch you up on all My Beach House has been up to of late, but for now I leave you with some pictures of our token decorating.