Thursday, July 7, 2011

Local Book Stores - Part One

Maddie with her toes in the sand - Coronado, CA

My Beach House is an advocate of local book stores. Not only do we live at the beach, but we do our best to travel at least 2-3 times a year either to check out a new beach location or return to tried and true favorites. Regardless of where we go, I make it a point to seek out and spend money at a local book store.

Beach lovers everywhere can attest that one of life's great satisfactions is reading a book while sunning on the beach or by the pool. I can not remember a time when I packed for a vacation and took less than two books - even though I know that I will purchase more when I get where I'm going. Maybe the media is right and soon everyone will be reading electronically, but I intend to do my part to keep the book business alive and along with it, the local bookstore.

As I usually have several books "on deck" to read, I don't always get to my new purchase right away. Recently, I read The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton. When I opened it, a bookmark from Bay Books on Coronado Island, CA fell into my lap and I was instantly reminded of the lovely vacation we took last Christmas to San Diego. We stayed in a small condo on Mission Beach and visited with my niece's family in Escondido. One day, Maddie and I drove over to Coronado Island and explored the shops, the beautiful Hotel del Coronado, and walked in the sand on a late December afternoon.

Heart in the sand by the vast Pacific Ocean

Hotel del Coronado

A little LOVE in the sand

By the way - I enjoyed The Forgotten Garden. What did you think? 

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