Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Summer Sunday

I've been thinking a lot about going to church. We haven't been churchgoers for a little over two years now. Not since the great shunning of 2009, which is a story that I should import from my old blog rather than take the time to write about it again. But let's just put it as gently as possible: we were dismembered along with 4 other families. It was messy - arms and legs everywhere and lots of anger and hurt feelings. But after some time and much prayer, it was revealed to me that we were lucky. A lot of people are still there - being deceived every Sunday. Going back to church is not something we will take lightly. As I said, it's been on my mind, and recently some friends mentioned their new church to us and suggested we check it out. We went today and enjoyed everything about it; so I think we'll go back.

Church and breakfast with the Wattersons (l-r) Maddie, Sarah, Sami, Jessica

Afterwards we went out to breakfast and caught up. It was really nice, plus Mike picked up the tab because he's awesome like that! Our plan was to furniture shop in a couple of antique and used furniture stores in Annapolis for Jessica's new house but I ended up buying four awesome pieces for the beach house (I'll showcase them in another post). Before we finally headed home we stopped by Skipper's Pier Restaurant in Deale, MD for fried green tomatoes, cream of crab soup, crab-stuffed baked oysters and fried flounder. All delivered by our beautiful waitress, the lovely Sami Watterson, with whom we had earlier attended church!

Rockhold Creek - Deale, MD

Rockhold Creek - Deale, MD
When we got back in the car, I had to stop and take a couple of photos of Rockhold Creek. So we began the day hearing God's word and ended it thanking Him for the beauty that surrounds us.

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