Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite Subject

One of these days, I'm going to take a class on digital photography. I've enjoyed taking pictures ever since my daughter was born and although I've managed some passable photos, I'd love to be able to understand the science of taking great pictures. I've been lucky with a few Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras and have a photo library that, at the very least, is a catalog of our lives. But before the grandkids arrive (in the next ten years or so!), I hope to get a real education before I begin to stick my camera in their faces ad nauseum!

A bonus to being a beach lover is an ever ready setting for taking pictures of your subject. And my favorite subject has always been my daughter. When she was four, we spent a week at the cottage of a relative at Bethany Beach, Delaware. Since our little beach house is on the Chesapeake Bay, this was her first experience with the ocean and she had so much fun running towards and away from the big waves. Last month we traveled for the third time to the Gulf Coast of Florida for a beautiful vacation on Anna Maria Island.  Nothing brings me greater joy than watching my daughter at the water's edge. While we had a bit of a rocky start - she did not like being in the water until she was two or three - she fell in love and has gotten such great pleasure at the shore. Somehow these two photos - bookends perhaps of her life at the beach - tell me that beach life is as much a spiritual experience for her as it is for me.

Bethany Beach, DE 1999

Anna Maria Island, FL sunset 2011

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